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Does your business have “the look”?

Today, most small businesses corporate ID materials do not reflect the quality of service they provide. Nor do they have the necessary promotional materials readily available to market their services and products to new and existing clients. For your company or any company, this could mean a significant loss of income. Why? Simple, because if a potential client cannot see past: unappealing clipart logos; novice websites that are not easy on the eyes or user friendly; or unable to obtain pertinent information needed to meet their needs, or the needs of the companies they represent—then the client moves on to the competition.

Why lose out to the competition! Your business deserves the look of professional quality, even if your budget isn’t as big as the “other guy”.

Square1 Media Group understands that most small businesses do not have vast resources to communicate “the look” they want, and as a result we strive to work within your unique budget needs to help reflect your creative needs to your target market…while minimizing the fear of “I can’t afford this or that…”

From touch-ups to complete custom solutions, Square1 Media Group offers a variety of services whether it is an online presence or a corporate identity package. We will work closely with you in order to deliver a resolution to your unique needs.

S1MG Team

Robert Gibson

Lead Designer

Tomeka Napper


Garrett Knowles

Sales Representative